1. provide 1 essay for the “application essay for the 2019 selection


1. Provide 1 essay for the “Application Essay for the 2019 Selection Process”

“To meet the goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity, the World Bank must work with countries to help them achieve their development priorities. Doing so will take financial resources, certainly. But it also requires data, evidence, and knowledge on how to best use those resources for development gains. It demands a long-term commitment to see those investments through, from conception to completion.

The World Bank brings all of these elements—financing, knowledge, experience, and commitment—to each of its partnerships with countries that aspire to grow their economies and provide greater opportunities for their people. As an institution with 189 member countries, we have an unmatched global reach that gives us the ability to work across countries and continents. We use our convening power to amplify the voices of developing countries by bringing together international, national, and local leaders with stakeholders to share knowledge, leverage relationships, and partner for solutions. We provide a wide array of financial products, technical assistance, and support for countries to apply global knowledge to the challenges they face. By working with countries to implement development projects over the long term, we help to ensure that growth is not only attainable but sustainable as well.

Three priorities guide our work with countries: accelerating sustainable and inclusive economic growth; investing in people to build human capital; and fostering resilience to global shocks and threats. Working across interconnected sectors, with an increasing array of diverse partners, we aim to improve the economic prospects of countries and people around the world.” (Extract from the 2017 World Bank Annual Report)

Given this context, describe in fewer than 1000 words, how would you contribute to the meet the WBG goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity? (1000 words)

2. Furthermore Do some Research And Deliver some some capacity of development, and strategy steps by steps on how to Power Africa, Feed Africa, Integrate Africa, Industrialize Africa and Improve the life of the people of Africa (2000 words ).
1. Pages on strategy on how to power Africa (example converting waste into energy etc…
2. Integrate Africa.
3. Feed Africa.
4. Industrialize Africa and Improve the life of the people of Africa

And here is the link of the programs i’m applying for. 

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