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  20th Century Art

20th Century Art

Find a good example of a work from the early 20th century (ca. 1900-1950) that either reflects the culture or society in which it was created or has affected society in some way. Then choose ONE of the following to discuss:

  1. Discuss about how the visual appearance of this work      reflects its culture/society. (E.g. Many art movements emerged in response      to WWI, and the styles and subject matter of the art they created reflect      their various opinions of war–did the art movement that your work belongs      to have a positive or negative opinion about war? How did they express      this opinion through style, subject matter, or choice of materials?)
  2. Discuss ways in which the work itself affected      society. (E.g. Did it offend people? Who? Why? Did it influence other      artists or lead to other avant-garde styles?)


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