5 page research paper on endometriosis

Pleasw follow these guidelines:

  • Typed in Microsoft Word,
  • 5 pages long, double spaced, font type Arial or Calibri,  Font size 12 pt.
  • There should be a minimum of (3) sources.  These resources should be listed in APA format.
  • Any matching above 20% will result in a failing grade for research paper. Make sure you do not copy and paste information.

The rubric to obtain the full 100 points for this assignment is below:

Followed the guidelines (MS Word, double spaced, font type, and size) 5 POINTS

Body of the paper (length) 5 pages long 10 POINTS

Content (information provided is accurate and presented in an organized manner) 60 POINTS

Spelling and grammar 10 POINTS

References ( 3 minimum in APA format) 10 POINTS

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