6552 wk 5 journal | Nursing homework help


OBGYN-Journal Entry #1 (450–500 words):

In your journal entry, answer the following questions:

Learning from Experiences

OBGYN Patients

· Reflect on the 3 most challenging patient encounters and discuss what was most challenging for each. (Biggest challenge is making patient feel comfortable with me (the student) doing the evaluations for (Pelvic evaluations, Breast Evaluation, Pap Smears)

· What did you learn from this experience? (That I am not very comfortable with assessing OBGYN patients)

· What resources did you have available? (Preceptor, course books)

· What evidence-based practice did you use for this patient? (Systematic review)

· What new skills are you learning? (Pelvic evaluations, Breast Evaluation, Pap Smears)

· What would you do differently? 

· How are you managing patient flow and volume?

Communicating and Feedback

Respond to the following reflective questions:

· How might I improve on my skills and knowledge, and how to communicate that back to my Preceptor?

· How am I doing? What is missing?

· What type of feedback am I receiving from my Preceptor?

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