8-10 pages double spaced research on conflict of india and pakistan

The research paper must be mechanically sound and contain a full bibliography that lists all sources used in the research, such as books/monographs, academic journal articles, newspaper articles, web sources, and statistical databases.

This writing assignment is expected to be between 8-10 pages, double-spaced. Your completed paper should have well-organized paragraphs, which convey ideas in a logical, coherent fashion, and must meet the guidelines specified below: 

   1.    provide a thesis for investigation 

   2.    discuss and analyze carefully selected aspects of your chosen topic 

   3.    examine and critique contending perspectives and interpretations 

   4.    draw your own conclusions, and 

   5.    discuss the broader significance and relevance of your analysis. 

The research paper is due in iLearn on 27th May 2021. Late papers will not be accepted. Papers written for other courses are not acceptable even if they have been revised. The instructor will approve all research paper topics. Remember to submit your research paper topic for approval by the end of Week 4. 

You will need to conduct library research on a topic that is covered in the assigned readings, e.g., The Role of International Organizations in Conflict Resolution, Positive Peace and Conflict Resolution, International Terrorism and Conflict Resolution, and Third-Party Mediation and Conflict Resolution to enable you competently complete this assignment. 

In your research and writing of the paper, be certain not to plagiarize. Plagiarism is “the act of appropriating the written, artistic, or musical composition of another, or portions thereof; or the ideas, language, or symbols of same and passing them off as the product of one’s own mind. University academic ethics apply. Cheating and plagiarism in all their forms are unacceptable and will result in a zero grade for the assignment and an “F” grade overall. Plagiarism includes not 

free and available to all enrolled UCR students.

The topic is the Conflict between India and Pakistan 

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