9-1 human subjects research | Psychology homework help


Begin working on the CITI Program Human Subjects Research: Social & Behavioral Research Investigators course.

Review Social and Behavioral Research Investigators Accessing Your CITI Program Course PDF for more information on how to gain access to this course. The training is free but will require you to register for the course.

This training will provide you with the credentials needed to demonstrate that you are prepared to make decisions in the evaluation that will ensure the protection of any human subjects that may be involved.

This training will take approximately 6 – 8 hours to complete.

Complete the CITI training and submit your certificate of completion by clicking the assignment title above. Instructions on How do I access my Completion Certificate?(https://support.citiprogram.org/s/article/How-do-I-access-my-Completion-Report-Certificate).

This activity is graded as pass/fail.

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