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Being able to interview a client and create a case plan for them is essential for any case manager. In this assignment, you will apply what you have learned about how to manage a case and practice your interviewing skills. Remember to work on building a working relationship with your interviewee, as well as identify how case management occurs beyond the theories and models. 

Locate a social services agency in your area that provides reentry services or other programs for those involved in the criminal justice system. 

Identify someone at the agency who does case management or case planning. Practice your interviewing skills to obtain information about case management from a practitioner. 

Create an interview plan for your interview complete with questions to learn more about case management from your interviewee. During the interview, take notes of the interviewee’s responses to your questions. 

Ask your interviewee the questions you have prepared. Include the following questions: 

  • What is the history of your agency? 
  • What demographics does your agency work with? 
  • What are some of the challenges of working with this population? What strategies do you use to overcome them? 
  • What suggestions do you have for engaging with clients during the interview? What strategies work well? Which should be avoided? 
  • What questions do you ask during the assessment? What strategies do you use when conducting the assessment? 
  • What case management strategies do you and your organization use? How do you use these strategies to manage your case plans?  
  • Note: You are welcome to ask additional questions.

    Write a 750-word interview analysis that describes the information you obtained from your interviewee and the interviewing/assessment strategies you employed. Pay close attention to how the organization applies case management strategies to develop and manage case plans. 

    Submit your interview script, notes, and short interview analysis.

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