Analyze The Operation And Management Of Amazon Company

Question Description

First, the following five questions need to be answered specifically!(Answers at least 200-250 words for each question. Transitional sentences are required between paragraphs of a word document.)

1. Provide a high-level overview and history of the company.

2. What have you learned about this company’s operations management?

3. What differentiates Amazon from other large box retailers (e.g., Wal-Mart, Best Buy)?

4. What changes is Amazon planning in the future to improve inventory management and distribution?

5. Describe Amazon’s global strategy for managing inventory between countries.

Second, we need to make a PPT reflecting the five questions in the first step.


1. Each question requires at least three slides.2. We need 15 to 18 slides at total.

3. The slides should be concise, giving the main idea of each question.

4. The first slide needs an outline.

5. Insert the right amount of pictures and a video.

6. Each question on the slide needs a transition sentence.

Notes: 1.You need to provide me with a word document and a PPT presentation when you finished.

2. You also need to provide us with an opening for this keynote speech.

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