Analyze Your Company From The Viewpoint Of The Investment Banker And To Figure Out Ways That You Can Add Value To Their Company

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MGT 185

Investment Banking

Assignment #2

As we discussed in lecture the goal is to analyze your company from the viewpoint of the investment banker and to figure out ways that you can add value to their company.


You can look it up by this link

Also using to look up for Flex Pharma Inc, it will help you on finding data, current reports, statements, and other informations needed for this Assignment


  • 1)At least 5 pages
  • 2)Double spaced is okay
  • 3)No more than 12-point type
  • 4)Stock charts can be pasted into document
  • 5)In addition, you should spread your company’s financial statements. Please see the posted spreadsheet. Compare 5 years of financial results if available.


  • 1)Description of your company. What does your company do? What industry do you participate in? What is the growth rate of the industry? Who are your competitors? (This is in any investor relations presentation by the company and the 10-K.)
  • 2)What is the most recent trend, past 12 months, in your company’s stock price? How is your company’s stock performing relative to the industry? (Use Google Finance or Yahoo Finance)
  • 3)Review your company’s most recent proxy statement. What is the age of the CEO and the management team? Who are the largest shareholders? How much of the stock do the Directors and the Management own? What is the compensation of the CEO? Is his/her compensation in line with the market? What happens to the managements’ options and RSU’s if the company is sold?
  • 4)Spread the financial statements for the past five years if available. Calculate the current ratio, long-term debt to shareholders’ equity ratio, gross margin as a % of sales and interest coverage ratios for each year. Analyze the trends in the balance sheet and explain any recent significant changes. Analyze changes in the income statement and the ratios and explain any significant changes. (Please see Management’s Discussion and Analysis in the Form 10-K)
  • 5)Summary – Please explain what you can do for your company as an investment banker and provide reasoning from #1 through #4 above as to why this will add value to your company.


  • 1)If you include all of the above points in your analysis then you will receive 85 out of 100. If you provide additional insight as to trends in the financials, stock price, proxy data and your conclusions as to what you can do for your customer as an investment banker then you will receive a higher grade.

Please review the above requirements and make sure you cover all the items in your analysis.

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