Answer the question about the essay

answer all the questions please don’t miss one of them. question:

1. What strategy did the student writer use to open the essay? DESCRIBE the opening of the essay. 5 word minimum

2. How effective was the HOOK (or opening strategy) at engaging you as a reader? Why do you feel that way? 10 word minimum

3. Does the student writer provide the director’s FULL name and the film title for readers in the introduction? 1 word minimum

4. What is the student writer’s thesis? How effective is the thesis at at articulating a position about his or her analysis of the the documentary? 20 word minimum

5. Is the first body paragraph a summary of the film? How effective and clear is the summary provided at the beginning the body paragraphs? ineffective 1 2 3 4 5 very effective

6. What appeals did the student writer address? How did the student writer present solid textual proofs or supports from the film? 40 word minimum

7. What examples did the student provide of ethos? Consider who the student notes was interviewed in the film and why. 15 word minimum

8. Overall, how well do you feel that the student writer did at fulfilling the aims of our assignment? Why? 20 word minimum

9. Describe the organization of the essay. Is it clear and logical for you to understand? 15 word minimum

10. Describe the end note or sense of closure the student writer provides. How well do you feel the essay is concluded? 10 word minimum

11. Give three (3) examples of the verbs the student writer used in his or her TAGS? 3 word minimum

12. Is there ANY Second-person ‘YOU’ or ‘YOUR’ in the essay? 1 word minimum

13. What is one strength of this essay? 15 word minimum

14. What are two (2) weaknesses that you feel like the student writer needs to address in his or her revision? 20 word minimum

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