Asset tracking and management software application

Background: You are part of a team that will be implementing an asset tracking and management software application. Choose an organization with which you are familiar for this assignment.

Create a 3- to 4-page technical architecture document defining the following:

  • Hardware platform: Describe the hardware environment to support the development and production of this system.
  • Network connections: Show the network connections required to support this application in the organization you have selected for implementation. Create a network diagram using Visio®.
  • Database information: An Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) is expected for customer data covering managed and tracked assets and who has been assigned each asset. Create an ERD using Visio®.
  • User interfaces: Describe the interface for data collection and notification for asset tracking to management and employees.
  • Controls: Describe the controls to make sure the asset information is accurately maintained and the assignment activity is accurately captured and reported.
  • Security: Describe the security measures to protect the information contained in the asset management and tracking system.

Using Microsoft Excel® or Project (if you have it), plan a sprint to manage the completion of this work. Document your sprint plan in Microsoft Excel® or Project.

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