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History Essay 114

Question Description Your answer should be at about 1000 words. The question covers material from the first seven units. As always, spelling and grammar do count. Please note which one of the three situations you are addressing in your answer. Post your answers right here just like you do with your assignments. You are a […]

History Essay 121

Question Description For this project, you will write a 10-15 page paper that demonstrates your ability to:  Address all parts of the topic with a clear point of view  Support a clear thesis statement with developed paragraphs  Reference historical facts from colonization-1877 to support your arguments  Analyze both historical and present-day […]

History Essay 133

Question Description Possible topics for the second History 3B paper (7 pages) 1. The Crusades represent a significant moment of contact between Muslims and European Christians that would shape the relationship between the two for centuries. What were the social, cultural, and political forces that led to the Crusades? What were the outcomes of these […]

Historical Analysis Of An Organized Crime Group Worksheet

Question Description The United States has seen the rise of multiple and various crime groups, organizations, and gangs, many with roots in other countries, such as Italy, Mexico, and El Salvador, as well as groups with their origins in the American prison system. These groups include the Five Families in New York: the Bonanno, Colombo, […]

Historical Fourth Amendment Cases

Question Description Instructions In this assignment, students will be required to reflect on historical Fourth Amendment cases. The Fourth Amendment protects U.S. citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. However, what if the location of the search is in an unusual location? What about an obvious conventional location? For this assignment, students will focus their essays […]

Historical Geology Questions

Question Description Directions: Answer five (5) of the following questions from option A, B or C. Be sure to answer in complete sentences. You may use diagrams to support your answers where appropriate.

Historical Object Outline

Question Description OBJECT IS A COLIMA DOG Prompt: What is your historical object, why was it important/significant, and how was it used (in the time and place it was created)? Directions: Write a 2-3 page, full-sentence outline that answers the prompt. Include the following information: The argument/thesis statement (this is your answer to the prompt […]

Historical Object Paper

Question Description Required Sources: Historical object you selected: SELECTED OBJECT IS= COLIMA DOG 4 scholarly, library sources (books, e-books, academic journals) One of the four needs to be a primary source One of the four needs to be a secondary source Prompt: What is your historical object, why was it important/significant, and how was it […]

Historical Perspective 2

Question Description To understand the purpose of many of the practices used in higher education, it is important to examine these practices from a historical perspective. This affords higher education leaders and faculty the means to make informed assessments of the practices to determine if their continued use is merited. In this assignment, you will […]

Historical Writing 3

Question Description Essay Topic What were the forces or issues that led to the Enlightenment in Europe? Choose three thinkers from the period and discuss how their ideas challenged the traditional order of Europe whether in terms of politics, economics, or social values. Were there groups who opposed these ideas? If so, why?