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Unit 4 db: religion and empire

 Between 500 and 800 CE, the Byzantine and Islamic empires were the most powerful forces in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Each had a single ruler (the Byzantine emperor and the Islamic caliph) and each sought to spread a monotheistic faith (Christianity and Islam). Choose either the Byzantine or Islamic empires and identify […]

Digital toolkit part 1: phonology and morphology | TSL 541

Assessment Description Understanding key English language structures allows teachers to target distinct areas of need in the language development of ELLs. Create a digital toolkit using a tool of your choice (e.g., Padlet, Trello) to display information about the following areas of language: phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. This topic will address phonology and […]

Week 5 problems (mkt6250 healthcare marketing)

Week 5 Problems  Chapters 11 and 12 1. In recent years, several nationally known healthcare providers have established satellite facilities a great distance from their main clinic locations.  The Mayo Clinic of Rochester, Minnesota, has opened facilities in Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota as well as an office for referrals in Mexico City.  The […]

Education education- lesson plan draft assignment

Please see the attachment first, the assignment instructions are provided in the attachment along with the rubric for the framework.  This is a lesson plan to be integrated with students using the use of technology and in accordance with at least one ISTE standard.   I am needing this by at least Thursday at 6 […]

Identify ethical issues in remote healthcare

The use of telehealth has increased significantly in recent years, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth allows healthcare professionals to provide care and health education from a distance, using various technologies such as video conferencing, telephone, and messaging. While telehealth offers many benefits, it also raises ethical concerns that need to be addressed. Identify specific […]

Update excel and explanation | Business & Finance homework help

This week, you are asked to consider the role of two outlier events: the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine of 2022. How should your allocation strategy change to account for these outlier events? Revisit your spreadsheet from the previous week and make any necessary changes to account for the risks posed by the […]

Diversity and supervision | Social Science homework help

250 words After reviewing the readings for this unit on clinical supervision, and recalling the previous readings on transformational leadership, identify a situation in your social work practice where some aspect of diversity has been present between a supervisor and supervisee. Describe the situation. Identify a minimum of two techniques that could be used in […]

Mhi-815-informatics for advanced practice | Nursing homework help

Technology is only as effective as the extent to which it is used.  To the healthcare provider, it is a valuable tool.  But are we setting these providers up for burn-out?  Read the Harris and Hilliard articles and write your response: 1. How would you define EHR or technology-related stress?  2. How can you overcome […]

Summative assessment: define program | Criminal homework help

  Program= Youth Authority/Juvenile Hall You have identified a program that you believe requires evaluation. You have had also identified stakeholders as well as potential problems and evidence of the calibrators at play. After consulting with your supervisor and peers, you decide to present your evaluation plan to members of a task force comprised of […]

Source review peer feedback | CRJ422 | Ashford University

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review your sources from last week and any subsequent research you have conducted in your progression towards the Capstone Paper, due in Week 5. In this discussion, present a synopsis of at least two scholarly and/or credible sources you intend to use in your Capstone Paper. In your […]