Ba project | Accounting homework help

I have a project in finance and accounting can you help me with that?

it should be a realistic business case. and this project will do it in the real life. I will share with you the document.

This is the first step of the BA project, it has to be perfect everything including the financial (budget ) section, and after that, I’ll show it to the supervisor if they accept it we’ll do 3 more steps including doing the project in the reality, so this is just the theoretical step and it has to be perfect to accept it.

you can choose the topic or choose one of the 3 I sent to you or related to them. the most important thing it must be related to financial accounting. so before you start the work let me know which topic you use after that when I accept the topic you can start working on it

So on the project there has to be 3  goals and the 3 results, and each result has to be 3 Activities and each activity must has 3 Actions

And when you finish , if the dr told me about anything had to be changed, I’ll let you know to edit it ok 

the budget has to be perfect and everything , not few words it has to be not shore 

it has to be perfect 

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