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1-2 paragraphs for each point.- 7 total, APA 6 format, in-text citation, Use at least  (4-5) scholarly references to substantiate your work. Please provide a copy of all references used.  

***Below are links for the IP4 assignment tutorial. Attached is the paper needed for the assignment

Here is a tutorial video with work examples – IP4  

Assignment Details: 

Key Assignment Draft 

It is time to draft the employee communication plan for your company. Using the information that you gathered from Weeks 1–3, include the following information in your strategic plan: 

  • Company synopsis: This is a snapshot of the company, what it sells, and the number of employees. 
  • Management’s philosophy on employee communication: An example of a management philosophy could be that any important communication about the company’s activities are shared internally before being shared externally on the Internet or in a news release. 
  • Goals of the communication plan: One possible goal could be to help employees be more productive by establishing a clear and effective employee communication plan. The plan can be viewed as an organizational diagnostic that provides employees with consistent, accurate, and regular information about the company’s business goals and objectives. 
  • Target audience characteristics: The plan should take into account cultural, gender, and linguistic differences to help employees understand the goals of the organization. 
  • Communication tools: These can include various deliverables, including e-mails, newsletters, e-blasts, brochures, reports, conferences, employee meetings, and more. 
  • Communication channels: Communication channels include internal and external Web sites, public relations venues, visits or speeches from management, and more. 
  • Crisis Communication Plan: Develop a policy of 200–300 words that describes how the company will communicate negative information about employees or other organizational concerns. 

Provide 4–5 sources from outside of your textbook to support your answer. Use APA style for citations. 

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