Bis 155 week 4 ilab summit ridge mountain resort

Summit Ridge Mountain Resort has three full-service warming huts on its majestic mountains. The Summit View, the Bunny Den, and the Mogul Hill Samurai warming huts are rest stops that provide skiing customers a place to relax, eat, and warm up. At the end of the month, the manager of each warming hut prepares a worksheet that summarizes the monthly income.

Please note that during the summer months, Summit Ridge conducts activities such as zip lining, nature photography tours, off-trail biking, and hiking. As the assistant to the general manager of Summit Ridge Mountain Resort, you will need to consolidate each warming hut’s data into one worksheet so that decisions such as inventory, purchasing, and profitability can be assessed in order to manage the business well. In this lab, you will also apply other data management tools that are part of the overall management of an organization.

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