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The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on what you have learned about how your values are expressed guide you in your decision making, both personally and in group settings.


  1. Create a visual representation of your personal values that form the foundation for all decisions (both personal and group) and the things you need to consider in all your decision making processes. 
  2. Record yourself describing your visual representation.
  3. Options for visual representation:


  • Start your assignment with a statement describing at least three values you hold as your moral compass for your life.  Think about the Tao, Golden Rule, Universal Moral Code as discussed in class.  (See grading rubric for Application Component).
  • Connect to your personal experience or observations and assigned readings, films, videos, lectures and quick writes.  (see grading rubric for Reflection component).
  • Include something from each of the three categories in the table of topics below. 
  • Consider how your leadership style is congruent with your moral compass.
  • Minimum of 10 slides and no longer than 12 minutes.

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