Bshs 395 week 4 learning team helping process phases presentation

Resource: Kelsey High School located in the Virtual Organization portal on the student website.

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation, with speaker notes where each team member develops 2-3 slides, about how the helping-process phases can assist the student they selected at Kelsey High School.

Include the following in your presentation:

·         For each student, explain how you would use assessment and planning to best support the student with his or her goals upon graduation.

·         Identify the student’s strengths and problem areas. Explain how you would tailor your assessment and planning strategy for the student. Based on the student’s information, what should be the focus of your strategy? What additional information would you seek?

·         What types of services and resources might this student need to be successful after graduation?

·         Explain the reasoning for your strategy.


Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.




BSHS/395 Week 4 Learning Team Helping Process Phases Presentation

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