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After reading Chapter 6: Emotions in Conflict &  Chapter 8: Bullying, answer the following questions in 3-4 sentences per question:

  1. According to the authors, “bullying is another extreme form of dominating. Some dominators resort to bullying so frequently that it should be considered a subset of the style of domination or competition” (p. 168).  Do you agree or disagree? Explain?
  2. What would you say is the most powerful emotion related to bullying? Explain?
  3. What are examples of negative actions in bullying? Try to focus on specific verbal and/or nonverbal communication practices. Also, what makes the actions negative?
  4. How have you navigated feelings within bullying that you experienced in your life? Explain?
  5. The stories in this chapter demonstrate the ways in which bullying changes or transforms people’s identities, drawing on Jessi’s Jezebel’s and Iman’s story passages (p.282-283), answer the following question: How did the women change? How do you think or feel about their changes?

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