Business finance – economics economics assignment


Please analyze and contrast the Introduction and Literature Review of the articles below.  A synthesis discussing the economic impact of Aerotropoli on economies should be submitted. All Articles can be found in EBSCO.

·  Flores-Fillol, R., Garcia-López, M.-Á., & Nicolini, R. (2016). Organization of Land Surrounding Airports: The Case of the Aerotropolis. Land Economics92(1), 57–81.

·  LIOU, J. J. H., Chao-Che HSU, Chun-Sheng Joseph LI, Gudiel PINEDA, P. J., & Gin-Weng CHANG. (2018). Developing a Successful Aerotropolis by Using a Hybrid Model under Information Uncertainty. Technological & Economic Development of Economy24(3), 1080–1103.

·  King, L. (2016). Building the Cargo City of Tomorrow. Air Cargo World, 19(8), 26–32.

The paper should be a minimum of 2500 words in APA format.

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