Business Market Analysis Part I 1

Question Description

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with hands-on experience analyzing the market for your specific business and conducting a thorough analysis.

Congratulations! You have been invited to the famous TV show, Shark Tank. Prepare a presentation in a format of your choice for your financial investors on Shark Tank. Prepare for a “rapid fire” format of questions from your investors on your market analysis presentation or paper.

Assignment Steps

Watch an episode Shark Tank of your choice. After watching an episode, complete a market analysis on your business.

Include the following elements (Keep in mind that you need to narrow your target market to a manageable size based on start-ups in your industry):

  • Distinguishing characteristics
  • Size of the primary target market
  • What market share can be gained
  • Pricing and gross margin targets
  • Competitive Analysis Regulatory Restrictions
  • Write 3 to 5 questions you anticipate would be a challenge to answer, given your existing marketing analysis, from the Shark Tank financial investors on the panel. Provide an answer to each question.
  • Create a 20 slide presentation OR 1,200 – 1,500 word paper on your market analysis.
  • Format to strict APA guidlines


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