Can do you discussion question due 12/5/15 @7;30 pm 1 page

Requirements ; 12 font double space , references 

In the video “Classroom Demonstration: Diversity Profile Activity,” Dr. Talmadge Guy conducts an activity with his adult learners on their “earliest memories of difference.” Consider this question for yourself. In what type of environment did you grow up? Was it “diverse”? How do you know?

By Day 3:

Share the first time you can remember interacting with others who were different from you, or the first time you can remember being different from others. Use concepts from your text to analyze your early experiences, including the “range of reactions” Bucher describes on pages 14–18 and the “diversity myths” he describes on pages 24–25.




  • Course Text: Bucher, R. D. (2015). Diversity consciousness: Opening our minds to people, cultures, and opportunities (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: PearsonEducation.
    • Chapter 1, “Diversity: An Overview”
    • Chapter 5, “Communicating in a Diverse World” (p. 144, “Eight Ground Rules for Difficult Dialogues”)

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