Can you do refection assignment due 7/13/15 at 8:00 am

Requirement : cover page ,,apa format 12 font double space


As you have been learning, all child development professionals need to understand the assessment process as it can provide information and insights critical to supporting children’s healthy development and learning. Reflection is an important component of this process.

With this in mind, complete the following:

  • Describe 3 or more ways that your knowledge of observation and assessment has deepened and expanded due to your participation in this course. Cite specific examples that relate to the Learning Resources and assignments to substantiate your thinking and ideas.
  • Summarize 3 or more insights that you gained about observation and assessment from participating in and completing the Child Observation Project.

  • Were you to design and implement a second Child Observation Project, what would you do differently? What new insights have led you to this conclusion?

Assignment length: Approximately 1–2 pages

Submit this assignment by Day 7.

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