Chapt 8 ex | Human Resource Management homework help

Book: Generalist case management a method of human service delivery.

Review the case of Lonnie and Dorothy, the case study in chapter 6, pg. 202 of this manual. Your assignment was to identify and prioritize the needs of Lonnie and Dorothy individually and review their three most crucial needs.

Write a goal and two objectives to address each of the three most critical needs. Review the guidelines for goals in chapter 8, pg. 244 – 246 of the textbook. Is each goal:

  • clear and concise?
  • unambiguous?
  • realistic and achievable?
  • correctly written?

Check the guidelines for writing objectives. Did you write objectives that are consistent with the guidelines in chapter 7, which are:

  • begin with “to” followed by an action verb?
  • specify a single key objective?
  • specify a target date?
  • avoid describing why and how?
  • consistent with available resources?
  • consistent with basic agency practices?

Profile three community resources in your hometown. Each profile should include the name of the resource, the Web site (if available), target population, referral method, type of services offered, cost, and payment options.

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