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Please comment on the following questions/comments about the film Chicago. First make a general statement about what you thought of this musical before you address the 4 questions. (remember your responses should be substantive).

General Procedure: 

Please respond with your comments regarding the following questions below and then reply to two of your classmates’ postings as well. I will be expecting more from your answers than just generic language.  Show that you understand what we’ve been studying so far by citing specific examples from the film.

1)  Comparing this film to a “traditional” movie, did you feel the music disrupted the story or added to it?

2)  Give an example of a scene where you feel music either added to or detracted from the flow of the movie.   Explain  why you feel this way.

3)  During the press interview when Roxie and Billy were on the steps, what was implied by the musical number that was edited into that scene?

4)  Considering the story, (infidelity, murder, corrupt lawyers etc.,) was the overall tone of the film somber or lighthearted?  Please give specific examples to support your answer.

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