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The response must be a minimum of 150 words and a minimum of 2 references.

Textbook-Territo, L., & Sewell, J.D. (2019). Stress management in law enforcement (4th ed.). Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press. ISBN: 9781531015756.


For week three of CJUS 840, students are asked to describe the backgrounds of the victims and perpetrators of homicides and suicides. Once students accomplish this task, students should determine what weapons are most commonly used in homicides and suicides. Next, students should discuss one of the major determinants of police suicides. Lastly, students should incorporate a biblical perspective that supports the information provided. 

In the United States, suicides are the 10th leading cause of death (Stone et al., 2021). “In 2019, a total of 12 million adults reported serious thoughts of suicide, 3.5 million planned suicide, and 1.4 million attempted suicide” (Stone et al., 2021, p. 261). In 2015, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting system indicated that there were 15,696 homicides in the United States (Rosenfield et al., 2017). In many homicide and suicide incidents, there is usually one victim and one preparator (Territo & Sewell, 2019). 

In many of these incidents, the offender is likely to be a Caucasian male and older than the victim. The victims in these types of cases are typically females and know who the offender was before the incident. The motive of the homicide can impact the outcome of the offender. For example, an offender is more likely to die by suicide when the murder is influenced by jealousy and mental health issues (Territo & Sewell, 2019). The most common weapon used in homicides-suicides is handguns. Other weapons that are used in these types of cases include motor vehicles, knives, and physical assaults. One major influence on police suicide is relationship problems (Territo & Sewell, 2019). This includes divorces, break up with a romantic partner, or a separation that might lead to a divorce. Being a police officer can be a very stressful job. This can place a strain on families that leads to divorces and separations. 

Biblical Perspective

           Suicide is something that has impacted many families around the world. Whether someone has completed the task of ending their life or attempted to end their life, suicide is something that can destroy families. Jeremiah 29:11 discusses how God has plans for a bright future for his children. This verse states, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope” (ESV, 2009). 


The writer of this discussion has responded to many suicides and homicides in his law enforcement career. These calls can cause future trauma for officers who are not properly prepared to respond to these types of calls. Some of these calls require officers to provide life-saving measures that are not always successful. Police officers should strive to always remain professional and put their trust in God to do their job effectively.


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Territo, L., & Sewell, J.D. (2019). Stress management in law enforcement (4th ed.). Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press. ISBN: 9781531015756.

The Holy Bible: New Testament: ESV English Standard Version. (2009). Wheaton, IL: Crossway

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