Cloud-enabling technologies | Information Systems homework help


It is often necessary for information technologists to evaluate new and emerging technologies and to assess the potential impacts on an enterprise’s current information technology (IT) operations and future IT project planning.

In this assignment, you write about the interaction of cloud-enabling technologies.


Pick two of the following cloud-enabling technologies that directly interact with one another:

Broadband network technology.

Data center technology.

Internet technology.

Virtualization technology.

World Wide Web (WWW) technology.

Multitenant technology.

Service technology.

Write 3–4 pages explaining how your chosen cloud-enabling technologies function. Explain how they interact with one another to create a cloud consumer network, a cloud provider network, an enterprise internet connection, or another cloud component.

Make sure to do the following:

Describe the primary functions of cloud-enabling technologies.

Explain how cloud-enabling technologies interact to create a cloud component.

Submission Requirements

Submit a single 3–4 page Word document with both parts of this assignment.

Font: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Format: Double spaced lines. Use current APA style and format.

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