Code of ethics paper | Management homework help

Which ethical principles are most relevant for you in this situation (deontology, utilitarianism, fairness)? Why? What are the individual-level and community-level effects of unethical behavior (however you define it)?

  1. Define a set of ethically-questionable behaviors. Define a set of potential consequences for unethical behavior.
  2. What are other students’ views on these behaviors? Their views on punishment?

Once you’ve thought through these questions, develop your code of ethics. It should include:

  • A mission statement/motto.
    • Think: How should the school portray itself to the University and the public?
  • Specific guidelines.
    • Think: What is covered? Which behaviors are to be encouraged or discouraged?
  • Enforcement.
    • Think: What are the consequences for failure to uphold the code of ethics?

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