Computer science assignment – car rental application

This question is intended to help you to understand the problem specification before designing a proper ERD for a new database system. As such, you are required to choose ONE (1) of the following applications:


i)Online Ticketing Application

ii)Hotel Booking Application

iii)Car Rental Application


Then, answer each of the following questions:


a) Prepare a brief proposal for the chosen application by including the following items:


i.Describe the primary objective of proposed system.

(Describe the objective clearly, in at least one or two paragraphs)


ii.DescribeONE (1) potential process from the chosen application that can be operated by using a database system (e.g.: registration process, billing process, scheduling process, handling process, or any simple process that can be used to keep track of record inside the application).


iii.Identify and describe clearly at least FIVE (5) primary data involved in this application.



a) Based on the proposed application above:


i.Listout FIVE (5) main entities that could be included in the application complete with their attributes(at least two).

(Note: each entity should have at least one primary key.)


ii.Identify the relationship between all entities complete with their cardinalities.


iii.Draw a complete Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) by using the entities and attributes that have been identified above. Make sure you clearly identify the relationships between the entities and their cardinality.

Note:For information regarding the ERD shapes, refer to the CBDA2103 module (Topic 4).

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