Computer simulation jan 23 | Computer Science homework help

After finishing our reading assignment, let’s just jump right into simulations. In this discussion I want you to tell me briefly how would you design a simulation project to study COVID-19 spread on a university campus. The general goal is obvious – try to predict how quickly would the disease spread under various scenarios.

Questions to keep in mind: What elements would your simulation model? What things do you think are important to consider, and how do you think we can implement them? What would be the inputs into your simulation? What parameters do you want to alter for “what if” scenarios?

Remember, this is our first week, we are not supposed to know much, so just show me your thought on the matter. I will not be grading harshly (as long as I see that you put some thought in it). Also, keep it brief (about a “page”), we do not want a full blown project yet.

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