Considering charter schools | English homework help

Many parents are frustrated with the standardized tests and the pressure that it is putting on their students; therefore, some opt-out of their child taking the test, or may have chosen other educational choices such as charter schools and homeschooling, especially when their designated public school is failing.  Explore the charter school movement and describe ways in which it holds promise for remedying the achievement gap.  

Read Section 8.2 of your text, entitled “School Choice” and investigate ONE of the charter schools listed below, describing the qualifications to teach there:

Using evidence from Chapter 8 and the websites above to support your response, answer the following questions: 

  • What unique instructional strategies are found in the charter school you explored?  
  • How are these schools designing goals for curriculum and instruction by addressing the individual needs of its student body? 
  • Would you want to teach at a charter school?  Why or why not?  Explain your reasoning.


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