Create/design a honeydoc instructions please choose from one (1) of


create/design a honeydoc 


Please choose from one (1) of the scenarios listed below and create/design a honeydoc (aka fake document) that contains some form of sensitive information likely sought after by a cyber adversary.

This document can take any form (e.g. Word, Excel, PPT, etc.) and may include screenshots in addition to whatever data is included. Please be as creative as you’d like in creating this assignment.

You are strongly advised to conduct open source resource in preparation of creating this assignment based upon the chosen scenario.


  • Defense contractor focused on designing advanced missile & radar systems (hint: think CAD drawings)
  • Pharmaceutical company focused on developing next-generations drugs for advanced diseases (hint: think chemical formulas)
  • Insurance company focused on providing whole & term life insurance policies (hint: think PII)
  • Technology company focused on designing flexible web & mobile applications (hint: think source code)
  • Energy company focused on providing a sustainable water supply for a large area (hint: think SCADA systems)

More information on honeydocs (or honeytokens) can be found at:

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