Crimonology annotated bibliogrphy | English homework help

I only want people who have expereince with this subject or know what an Annotated Bibliography is. Must be able to do Haravard Style Referencing.

I have chosen what crime I will want to do, and have found some information already that will be of help and will email this all through to you. NEED TO BE ABLE TO SPEAK ENGLISH FLUNETLY 


I wil send you full explanation in email



An annotated bibliography requires conducting independent research and evaluating different academic sources. Students will be required to find and assess 3 different academic sources: 1 book/book chapter and 2 peer-reviewed articles.


1)     Select what type of offence you are planning to focus on in your research essay, for example, assault, murder, arson, etc. After you have chosen your 3 academic sources you are required to write an evaluation of each one. The evaluations are to be between 150-200 words each, and 500 words in total. 







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