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Use the discussed technology tools to create a class activity that teaches literacy and inter-disciplinarity. If you are already employed as a teacher, you may post this on an existing district site IF you are planning to use the materials in your class. Do not post anything on your district page that you will not actually use, as this will be confusing to your students and their parents. You must choose a tool that allows you to post original content, e.g. does not pre-populate assignments or content for you. Review the rubric for full assignment criteria.

Example: Start a class blog. Create a week of writing prompts on the blog that students should respond to as daily warm-ups. Prompts should address interdisciplinary content.
Create a class Edmodo page and include age-appropriate reading recommendations across multiple content areas. Write a reading comprehension quiz for at least one of your book recommendations. (If you choose Edmodo, you must include the class code in your submitted assignment.)

Provide the URL AND provide screenshots that include your name and the learning activities you have created for this assignment. You must provide the URL and screenshots (pictures) of your work. To embed images in your assignment:

  • Click the “Embed Image” icon. Embed Image.png
  • Select the “Canvas” tab. Canvas Tab.png
  • You will have the option to upload your screenshots. Upload File.png

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