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Hospitality has experienced unprecedented times, and this virtual show will highlight the perspectives of various industry leaders on how they believe our industry is set to rebound from a global pandemic.  There are some excellent talks based on brand building, sustainability in operations to the importance of addressing both racism in the workplace, and mental health awareness. Over the four-day period, guest speakers will also address a wide range of topics by sharing insight on entrepreneurship, culinary trends, and even ways to generate revenue in foodservice. 

This assignment is a self-directed study, and you are to craft your own research question to explain why certain topics addressed at the RC Show are imperative to today’s hospitality industry.  The research question could be inspired by something a guest speaker mentioned during a talk or even a trend that you’ve identified during this virtual event. A personal reflection is also required to help prove how these informative experiences at the RC Show inspired you to dig deeper into researching new innovative concepts or important trends currently in Hospitality.  

Although you have access to the entire event, you do not need to attend all four days, nor do you need to visit every talk.  It is up to you to find which talks align with your interests or those that may be beneficial to your career development in this industry. Your essay should feature information from at least two guest speaker sessions. Please review the list of talks in the event schedule and be strategic!

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