Cybercrime paper | Psychology homework help


Learning Objective and Basis for Assessment:  Successful completion of this assignment the student will be able to identify the various uses of technology in crime analysis.

Cybercrime is a new and expanding class of crimes that rely on electronic technology, such as computers and the Internet. In this paper, you are to provide a definition and example for each of the following types of offenses under the heading Cybercrime: Hacking, Identity Theft, Child Pornography, Internet Fraud, and Cyberstalking. Based on your learning of criminological theories, you will also identify one theoretical explanation for each of the Cybercrimes listed above, concisely articulating the concepts of each theory that relate to the corresponding crime, and why you believe each particular theory effectively explains each particular crime (in other words, each crime should be defined and explained by a criminological theory).

In conclusion, identify which Cybercrime you believe is the most damaging to American society and articulate why.

This paper should be a minimum of 3 pages of written text (not to include the cover page, abstract, and reference page), double spaced, and should include a minimum of 5 academically credible references (the textbook may count as 1 academic reference).

Sources should be cited within the text and on the reference page using standard APA format.


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