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Importance of Programming

Write a short paragraph on the importance of programming in data analytics. Also, write the advantage of open source language like R over other licensed programming software.

Requirements for Discussion Assignments

Demonstrate integration of the required reading, other course materials, critical thinking, scholarly or peer-reviewed sources (as applicable), using either APA or MLA style, depending on the instructor/assignment specifications


Week – Assignment

 Introduction to R on

There are two parts to this assignment:

1) Finish the first course Introduction to R on The main objective of this short course is to introduce the foundational concepts and the data structures in R. The course is divided into six missions, you are required to finish the below (which are free of cost)as follows:

  • Introduction to programming in R
  • Working with Vectors

The assignment is to take screenshots of the completion of the three missions, paste them in a word document and submit.

2) Open R-Studio on your computer and start a new script. Now type getwd() in the script and run it. Take the screenshot including the console screen that contains the version number and the working directory. Paste the screenshot in a word document and submit it.

 Here is the expected output for this task:

 Expected output for Week 1.docx Expected output for Week 1.docx – Alternative Formats  

Please note that all code assignments must be submitted as a screenshot with a slice of your desktop showing the timestamp.

If the time and date are not visible, you will be graded 0.Put the screenshots in a word document, make sure to comment the code (explain what it does)  and interpret the graph if applicable(explain what its depicting) 

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