Data structure | Engineering homework help



• Understand how the AVL tree works

• Give you further practice with C and data structures


Marks 10 marks, excluding bonus marks. Marking is based on the correctness and

efficiency of your code. Your code must be well commented.

Group? This assignment is completed individually.

Due Time 23:59:59 pm on Sunday 31 March 2019. 23:59:59 pm on Wed 3 April 2019

Late Submissions Late submissions will not be accepted!

In this assignment, you will implement AVL tree and a set of functions associated with AVL

tree. For simplicity, we make the following assumptions:

1. Each item of an AVL tree contains an integer key and an integer value.

2. No AVL tree contains duplicate items. Two items (k1, v1) and (k2, v2) are duplicates

iff k1=k2 and v1=v2 hold.

3. An AVL tree may contains multiple items with the same key and the number of

duplicate keys is a constant.

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