Database types | Computer Science homework help

 Hierarchical, Network, Relational, and Object-Oriented

Using the four Database types listed above;

You are the Database Administrator for “Data R Us” and you have been asked to research a set of online 

databases and determine what type of database they are; based of the four explanations of the DBMS above. 

Note: Some of the online databases below may or may not meet all the requirements of a specific database, 

so use your best judgment. You are not being graded on correct answers, rather how you organize your 

database for this Assignment.

Research the following Online Databases:

 The Internet Movie Database (IMDb):

Source: The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Retrieved from

 The Internet Public Library (IPL):

Source: The Internet Public Library. Retrieved from

 The Yellow Pages:

Source: The Yellow Pages. Retrieved from

 Popular Search Engine:

Source: Google. Retrieved from

 WebMD:

Source: WebMD. Retrieved from

You will develop a hypothesis that will help you to set up the criteria to determine the type of database you are 

reviewing. Please consider the controls for this experiment the definitions of each type of database provided 


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