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Two 600-650 words definition essays.

Once you decide on a limited subject, decide if the essay has an informative or a persuasive purpose. The paper might begin with the etymology of the term, a stipulative definition, or a definition by negation. You may want to use a number of writing patterns—such as description, comparison, narration, process analysis, etc.—to develop the definition. Remember, too, that they paper doesn’t have to be scholarly and serious. There is no reason it can’t be a lighthearted discussion of the meaning of a term.


Additionally, because an essay such as this lends itself to the invocation of a credible source of authority outside yourself, you are required to use—and properly cite—at least one legitimate outside source in this essay. This could be a source that provides a definition of your term, a source that provides an example that supports your definition, a source that provides inspiration or a reason for a new way of looking at a term, etc. As you draft this essay, we will explore potential credible outside sources during a library session, and we will also discuss proper citation formatting.


The following terms are rich with possibility for a definition essay. Select two, and write 2 essays in which you provide an extended definition of the term:




Inner peace

 A conflict of interest

 An ethical quandary

 An epiphany

 A workaholic



 A win-win situation

 A zero-sum game

 A Pollyanna

 A con artist



 Hope

 Yes

 A cheapskate

 Empowerment


A monster

 No

 Success


 A double bind

 Failure


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