Discussion 2: mediation skills and ethical standards


Chapter 3 Instructions (This section focus on the mediation skill of reframing) : 

After watching the enclosed video, report at least two examples when the mediator reframed what the disputants said during the mediation.  Please format your statements as: 

Video Reframe Example #1 

Disputant’s Comment: [insert comment]

Mediator’s Reframe:      [insert comment]

Video  Reframe Example #2

Disputant’s Comment: [ insert comment]

Mediator’s Reframe: [ insert comment]

Tenant-landlord MediationLinks to an external site.

Chapter 5 Instructions (This section focuses on ethical standards in mediation): 

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the ethical standards that govern mediators. Please review the attached document

Actions for detailed instructions. Students will also use the attached document as a “worksheet” to complete this assignment, that is, use the provided boxes to write your analysis. When completing this Discussion, be sure to attach your worksheet document. Also, be sure to reply to another post and review as many of your peers’ analyses of the scenarios.  This is part of the learning process!

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