Discussion board posting #8 | Management homework help

In this Unit please use one of these choices as a framework to respond to the questions that are listed.

Employ one or more of these formats in your Discussion which should be one or two paragraphs. Make sure you give connections and examples from the readings and outside views. Make sure to include citations, especially if you bring in other readings, videos, etc.:

Write arguments and counter arguments

Acknowledge other perspectives

Back the reasons with evidence

Make a claim

Refute counter arguments

Make comparisons or connections

Ask Questions

Give an example to illustrate your point

Bring in expert opinions and quotes……explain them in your own analysis

Include personal stories, examples, anecdotes

These are the questions:

(1) What do the concepts of faith, spirituality, and social justice mean to you? Look above and use at least one Discussion prompt in relation to the assigned readings

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