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Congratulations on your achievement! We hope you’ve enjoyed your journey through our SCI 103 Science Lab. In Unit 5, you will consider key takeaways of the course and reflect on how you will use the knowledge/skills you have gained to address how scientific thinking and advancements in technology have changed modern life.

  • Start by visiting the Unit 5 Discussion Board (instructions below).
    • Think about the knowledge you have gained this session and how it will contribute to your continued success.
    • Share your reflection with you peers.
  • Need Help? Your instructor is waiting to answer your questions and assist you! Reach out using email or CTU Messenger for the quickest response. Let us know how you are doing and what we can do to support you in these final days!

Primary Discussion Response is due by Tuesday (11:59:59 pm Central). No Peer Responses are required.


There are no right or wrong answers here! This is a chance for you to express your own thoughts.

Primary Task Response:

You may use the following to guide your review and reflection on the knowledge you have gained from this course.

  • We covered the Scientific Method, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, and Physics. Which of these topics did you find the most interesting and why?
  • What were the most challenging parts of the virtual labs and what were the easiest?
  • How have scientific thinking and advancements in technology changed modern life?

Unit 5 Discussion Board Grading Criteria

Possible Points

Post reflects on the topics of the course.




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Extra Credit View Assignment Rubric

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