Discussion forum 2 (lo1) , discussion forum 1 (lo3)

In the video, “What is Data Mining and Why is it Important?” the presenter uses the statement “patterns in data help answer business questions,” a broad statement. Consider a small business that is a computer store. How would data mining help expand their business? (LO1)

Essential Activities: 

  1. Watching “What is Data Mining and Why is it Important?” will assist you with the discussion forum.


  1. Please refer to this assignment’s discussion forum rubric on the start here tab.
  2. To earn total points on the discussion forums each week, include outside sources to support your discussion.

Discussion 2 

In the article, Why Business Analysts Are Essential to Your Operations Team, September 3, 2019 by Paul Crosby, the following 5 reasons are listed. 

 1.     Business Analysts Improve Operational Productivity

2.      Business Analysts Need to Prove Their Value to the Operations Team

3.      Business Analysts are Problem Solvers by Nature

4.      Business Analysts Drive Value By Wearing Many Hats

5.      Every Operations Team Will be Data and Analysis-Driven

Briefly discuss your view on the necessity of each.  Can you think of additional reasons? If so, please share. 

APA Stylesingle spacedTimes New Roman font of size 12, and references must all be cited. 

No divergence, no sidetrack, but focus on the question!

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