Dual relationship db | English homework help


You have 2 Discussion Question options this week – please pick one and answer it in a minimum of 175 words: 

Option 1:

The majority of chapter 1 discusses the topic of dual or multiple relationships between a professional and a person seeking his/her help. Define the term “Dual Relationship” in your own words. 

Option 2: 

According to Chapter 4, “Counselor self-disclosure has been an issue of ethical concern as a result of

research such as that conducted by R. I. Simon (1991), who found that inappropriate self-disclosure is the type of boundary violation that is most likely to precede sexual intimacies. Nonetheless, Neukrug and Milliken (2011) found that nearly 87% of surveyed counselors rated self-disclosing to a

client as “ethical.” Self-disclosure may be therapeutically beneficial or harmful, depending on a number of factors.” Discuss how self-disclosure can be both beneficial and harmful. 

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