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Let Rt be the yield on debt at time t, ex Dt+1 be the expected dividend payment and ex Pt+1 be the expected price of the stock at time t+1, and Pt is the current price of the stock. Then Rt = (ex Dt+1 + ex Pt+1 – Pt)/Pt is

the definition of the rate of return
an equilibrium condition
is the present value of the dividend flow
the future value of the bond

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If the interest rate is rising and stock prices are simultaneously rising, then according to the fundamental theory of stock pricing

The future price of the stock must be falling
Expected dividends of firms must be rising
There must be irrational agents in the market
The expected dividends of firms must be falling

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Consider the stable growth or steady state model of a stock price. If the price of the stock is $40 per share, the yield on the relevant bond is 6%, and the growth rate of dividends is expect to be 4%, then the current dividend growth rate will be (do not use a $, so 1.13, not $1.13)

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Suppose everyone believes that an increase in the unemployment rate will lower dividend payments in the future. Suppose a week from tomorrow when the BLS announces the unemployment rate for March, it announces an increase, but stock prices do not change. Then this is evidence that

there are animal spirit agents in the market
that markets are not forward looking
the interest rate must have risen
people already knew that the unemployment rate would be higher

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Assume the fundamental value theory of stock pricing holds. If you are a rational investor, and you own shares of Cintas stock, then

you expect to receive capital gains from holding this stock
there may be a bubble in the price of this stock
you may be shorting this stock
Cintas stock sells for the present value of its expected dividend stream

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