electric power transmission and “nimby”



When it comes to improving the transmission system to meet our  nation’s growing electricity demands, companies not only face financial  complications but also social complications. The concept of “NIMBY” (Not  in My Backyard) has proven to be a strong influencing factor on the  advancement of much-needed energy infrastructure updates.

Many environmental interest groups or local community committees  fight the development of power generation and transmission projects that  are in close proximity to their locations, even though these  improvements are typically beneficial to all members of the general  public.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has reported that many potential  transmission projects have been delayed or cancelled due to regulations  and lawsuits imposed by NIMBY-minded adversaries.



Research the concept of “NIMBY” and discuss the following with regard to the Electric Power Transmission and “NIMBY”.

  • How can NIMBY affect the economy, jobs, and growth?
  • How can NIMBY affect the advancement of the Smart Grid?
  • Has NIMBY affected any energy-related projects in your area? Has it been resolved?

Justify your answers with evidence and cite your sources.

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