Ethical reasoning ( answer two questions)

” Ling and Hauck , the ETHICS model “ & ” ACA Code of Ethics ” .

These questions are short essays . 

Write your answers in good English , building whole sentences … and re – read your work carefully before sending it. 

QUESTION 1 : ( To be answered in a minimum of 20 lines on this form ) 

Have the paper on the ETHICS decision – making and the ACA Code of Ethics 2014 at hand. 

Based on the ETHICS decision – making paper , answer the following question:

Imagine a dilemma ( other than the one you presented in your previous course – works ) , then 

a)  describe and evaluate it considering its issue , and 

b)  consider the ” Think ahead ” and the ” Calculate risks ” sections of the paper above , and describe consequences ( whether positive or negative ) you come to for each possible course of action .

QUESTION 2 : ( To be answered in a minimum 25 lines ) 

According to the ACA Code of Ethics 2014 ( $ A.6.a. Previous Relationships ) , counsellors should

” consider the risks and benefits of accepting as clients those with whom they have had a previous relationship ” . 

Then answer the following questions : 

a)  What are the ethical issues of accepting as a client someone with whom you – as a counsellor – have had a previous relationship ” ( other than a romantic or sexual affair , and other than that of a previous marriage )?

b)  Imagine one example . Describe it shortly , then indicate the risks and possible consequences related to accepting that person as a client,

a.  for the client on the one hand , and 

b.  for the counsellor on the other ?

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