Exp22_excel_ch02_ml1 – katherine’s coffee shop weekly payroll

Exp22_Excel_Ch02_ML1 – Katherine’s Coffee Shop Weekly Payroll


Start Excel. Download and open   the file named Exp22_Excel_Ch02_ML1_Payroll.xlsx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename. 


Use IF functions to calculate   the regular pay and overtime pay in columns E and F based on a regular   40-hour workweek. Be sure to use the appropriate absolute or mixed cell   references. Pay overtime only for overtime hours. Note employees receive 1.5   their hourly wage for overtime hours worked. Calculate the gross pay in cell   G5 based on the regular and overtime pay. Spencer’s regular pay is $440. With   five overtime hours, Spencer’s overtime pay is $82.50.


Create a formula in cell H5 to   calculate the taxable pay. Multiply the number of dependents by the deduction   per dependent and subtract that from the gross pay. With two dependents,   Spencer’s taxable pay is $422.50.


Insert a VLOOKUP function in   cell I5 to identify and calculate the federal withholding tax. With a taxable   pay of $422.50, Spencer’s tax rate is 25% and the withholding tax is $105.63.   The VLOOKUP function returns the applicable tax rate, which you must then   multiply by the taxable pay.


Calculate FICA in cell J5 based   on gross pay and the FICA rate, and calculate the net pay in cell K5. Copy   all formulas down their respective columns. Be sure to preserve the existing   formatting in the document. Based on the hours Spencer worked he paid $39.97   to FICA and had a weekly net pay of $376.90


Use Quick Analysis tools to   calculate the total regular pay, overtime pay, gross pay, taxable pay,   withholding tax, FICA, and net pay on row 17. (On a Mac, this step must be   completed using the AutoSum feature on the ribbon.)


Apply Accounting Number Format   to the range C5:C16. Apply Accounting Number Format to the first row of   monetary data and to the total row. Apply the Comma style to the monetary   values for the other employees. 


Insert appropriate functions to   calculate the average, highest, and lowest values in the Summary Statistics   area (the range I24:K26) of the worksheet. Format the # of hours calculations   as Number format with one decimal and the remaining calculations with   Accounting Number Format.


Use the XLOOKUP function to look   up the employee name in cell A20 (Wagner) in the payroll data and return the   specified information in row 20. Ensure the return array includes overtime   pay, gross pay, taxable pay, federal tax, FICA and net pay. 


Save and close the workbook.   Submit the file as directed. 

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