Fairy tale comparison/contrast | English homework help


Comparing and contrasting two different versions of the same fairy tale will help you understand elements that create timeless stories as you examine characters, settings, plots, events, levels of violence, symbolism, etc. and how those elements intersect with the events of the era when each story version was written. 


  1. Choose  the following story  to analyze as you read the classic story version and then view the modern day film, comparing and contrasting the two story versions in a multi-paragraph written analysis.

Option 1:

Read the 1812 version of “Rapunzel”Preview the document written by the Grimm Brothers and found in the 2011 book titled Folk & Fairy Tales edited by Martin Hallett and Barbara Karasek and published by Broadview Press. Then view the 2010 Disney movie titled Tangled. Write a multi-paragraph analysis, comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences in the two story versions. Consider characters, settings, plots, events, levels of violence, symbolism, etc. as you compare and contrast the story versions. Remember to properly cite source ideas within the text of your writing as well as in a work cited.


Your multi-paragraph writing is worth up to 20 points. You grade will be based on the Essay Grading Rubric. 

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